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This so called life

"Blue jeans, white shirt, walked into the room and you know you made my eyes burn"
The hours of standing at the same spot, and the horrible and awkward sunburn I have was all worth it.
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#atl #musicmidtown #mm2014 #lanadelrey #ldrpictures #ldr #bluejeans #icried #lol (at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA USA)

The feels

Whatching my dad go through chemo for the second time in my short life is saddening


Hey followers, so I am sorry I have been MIA for awhile. My dad just started Chemo and classes began, organic chemistry is taking up alot of my free time. Sorry babes. Stay sexy and stay stoned!

Try Something New?

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Hey guys, please reblog this, I really need to raise money for my family

People are dumb as shit

I am straight forward, what I say is how I mean it, there is no hidden meaning, so when I say you are obsessing over me, it doesn’t mean I want you…. hahahaha

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Denver I love you


you wish

Have You Ever Been With A Black Guy?

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Actually I have not

If I had some weed I'd be one step away from being exactly like you. But at least I got the horny half down ;)

Hahaha the weed is essential

Heh what's up

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Hello :)

How to finger a girl

1. Use your tongue

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